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Some of my finishes

Here are a couple of my finishes. I hope you like them, I know enjoyed stitching them!
This is Enchanted Fairy by Passione Ricamo. The picture really doesn't do her justice, she is absolutedly stunning!
This is Mediterraneo by Passione Ricamo. I just love the colors in Laura's designs!

My Yuku Boards

Here are my current Yuku boards! Love every one of them!
Chatelaine Designs
Needle Nook
Passione Ricamo

My Bio

I am 46 years old, married to my DH for 26 years this July! We celebrated our 25th anniversary last year by taking our first cruise and I am hooked! I tell people we were celebratin 25 years of my not murdering him in his sleep!image
We have 5 wonderful children ranging from 33 to 12 years of age. I have 3 grandsons, no granddaughters yet, keep hoping though. Maybe my daughter will give me the granddaughters I crave when she is married!
I have 4 cats whose names are really weird - Gizmo (the oldest), Muggles, EtCetera, and Bowie! My DD has a cute Scottish Terrier whose name is Sholto (Scottish word for friend) and my baby Rascal who is a Border Collie He is my guard dog and totally spoiled. When he hears the front door open, whoever is coming in had better ID him/herself quickly, Rascal goes nuts. He is beautiful and my baby!

My Friends and Stitching Enablers

j39jones has 59 friend(s)

My Stitching

These are the projects I am currently working on: Celtic Spring (L&L), Dragon Carousel (Patricia Allison), The Priestess, and The Bad Faerie (both Mystic Stitch), Tut (Thea Gouverneur). I have taken one out that was in this section, because of a "spillage issue" and don't know if it can be salvaged or not!
celticspring.jpg by Lavender & Lace image by j39jonesDragonCarousel.jpg by Patricia Allison image by j39jones image image


Hopefully I will keep this updated as much as possibleimage If not, please forgive me! I will try my best!

2008 Finishes

This is where you can see what projects I have completed in 2008! Hopefully, I will fill this space with loads of designs!
MoonFairySpirit-1.jpg First PR to finish in 2008 image by j39jones DragonGamecompleted3-11-08.jpg My first HAED, and I loved the design! image by j39jones LittleBunny.jpg Little Bunny by Passione Ricamo image by j39jones Completed3-30-08.jpg Finished her on 3/30/08 image by j39jones FairyCelebrationI.jpg Fairy Celebration I image by j39jones JulyCelticKnotIC.jpg July Celtic Knot by Ink Circles image by j39jones FairyCelebration3.jpg Fairy Celebration 3 image by j39jones BlackworkPrincess.jpg Blackwork Princess image by j39jones OvertheRainbowbyPR.jpg Over the Rainbow Completed! image by j39jones FairyQueenbyPR.jpg Fairy Queen by PR image by j39jones
1. Moon Fairy Spirit by PR
2. Dragon Game by HAED
3. Little Bunny by PR
4. Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace by PR
5. Fairy Celebration I by PR
6. July Celtic Knot by Ink Circles
7. Fairy Celebration III by PR
8. Blackwork Princess by Dragon Dreams
9. Over the Rainbow by PR
10. Fairy Queen by PR

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  1. Something is definitely wrong!

    05/22/08 01:39:02 | 0 Comments

    There is something definitely wrong around here latelyimage It's May 21 and I'm sitting here in flannel lounge pants with flannel shirt! It hasn't been above 60 for several days and it gets to about 40 at night! This is May folks! Not March or October! Where is my sun? and warmth? Oh, wait! Supposed to get up to 70 on Thursday, and then a little warmer by the weekend
  2. Well, its May at last!

    05/12/08 08:57:26 | 0 Comments

    Yes, it's May finally, but so far the weather hasn't realized it much. Yes, we have had a few warm days, but not so many that it feels like spring. Mothers Day was spent watching a bunch of wind and tornado watches! Then came the rain! I spent most of the day just sitting with my feet propped up stitching on The Priestess. I have gotten my last batch of patterns in mail on Saturday. Now I'm just waiting on a batch of fabric that a lady from another board is sending me. She has...
  3. Keep forgetting to blog

    04/24/08 10:03:52 | 0 Comments

    Sorry, folks but I keep forgetting to add to my blog sometimes. Not much of a blogger I guess. It's finally beginning to feel like Spring around here now. Sun is shining, flowers are blooming, grass needs mowing, and I can sit outside and stitch! That's what I did yesterday! Sat outside for about 3 hours and just soaked in some sun and rays and stitched! I loved every bit of it. Took my portable DVD player outside and just enjoyed the day! May just have to do it again today since...
  4. Made it through today

    04/02/08 03:08:01 | 0 Comments

    Well, I made it through another April 1st. Not so hard this year, but still had a few rough times throughout the day. It still doesn't seem like 6 years have passed since Dad died. I miss him just as much as ever. I always heard time helps heal, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I didn't do much today, not even much stitching. Just didn't feel like doing anything except crawling in a hole and waiting for the day to get over with. Now I just have to get through the...