There is something definitely wrong around here latelyimage It's May 21 and I'm sitting here in flannel lounge pants with flannel shirt! It hasn't been above 60 for several days and it gets to about 40 at night! This is May folks! Not March or October! Where is my sun? and warmth? Oh, wait! Supposed to get up to 70 on Thursday, and then a little warmer by the weekendimage

Have been working on Bad Faerie (challenge piece for Yahoo group) and mostly on Dragon Carousel this past week. Have a challenge on one of my Yuku boards this weekend to finish page 1 of DC and (hopefully) page 2 of BF. Hope I can get them done. If it's as nice as they say, will be stitching outside!image

I turned my mattress over yesterday and took off my heated mattress pad and this morning I was awakened at 3:25 am due to extreme seizing up of my legs, back and neck due to the coolness of my bed! I have been crippled by that all day! So tonite, am planning to sleep in sweats and turn my heated throw on medium (at least!)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!