Yes, it's May finally, but so far the weather hasn't realized it much. Yes, we have had a few warm days, but not so many that it feels like spring. Mothers Day was spent watching a bunch of wind and tornado watches! Then came the rain! I spent most of the day just sitting with my feet propped up stitching on The Priestess. I have gotten my last batch of patterns in mail on Saturday. Now I'm just waiting on a batch of fabric that a lady from another board is sending me. She has a batch of Aida (in colors) that she doesn't want and with all the free downloaded patterns I have, I'm sure I can find something to put on all that fabric.
I just wish the fabby from SBB would come in. I have decided to buy nothing else for a while. The next thing I will buy will be the bling needed for PR's The Night and Circe. That way I will have it ready for when I can start them. I have gotten a litttle work done on Celtic Spring but not much.
This past week (5-7) I spent doing some serious housework. I spent Monday (5) cleaning 6 hours just in the bathroom alone! Scrubbing down walls, floor, windows and commode. Then I put blinds up on window. On Tuesday (6) I spent 6 1/2 hours in youngest son's room! Boy, needed a hazmat suit for that one! Took me forever in there! Had to get on knees and scrape floor where he had spilt pop, food, etc. Then cleaned windows and all sheets on his bed. But it looks great now! Wednesday(7) I spent 8 hours in living/dining room along with kitchen. Moving furniture around and redoing hardwood floors, so the floors will be shiny again!
By the time Thursday rolled around, could hardly get out of bed! Didn't even pick up a needle until Friday! Too much pain! Then Friday was payday, so that meant running around and paying bills, going grocery shopping (an entirely too depressing thing to do anymore), so when I got home from that, passed out for a while. So all in all, didn't get very much stitching done last week at all!
Hope to do much much better this week! Have signed up for a SAT on a board I'm on and I plan on blowing the competition away! Then on the 15th, will be starting a 3 month contest to see who can match the goal they have given on a brand new MS pattern! Fun fun fun!
Everyone have a great week!